Setting up your Spot-On sundial so that it reads accurately
in pictures

Cut a hole in the turf, slightly deeper than the paving stone so the grass will grow over it

Fine dry sand is spread

and levelled

A sling is fitted to the paving stone

so that it can be carefully placed

on the levelled sand without disturbing it

It is surprising how many times a little more sand has to be added to one side

Meanwhile, the top of the plinth is marked out with the slot to receive the base of the gnomon

and the soft sandstone slot is chiselled out

Returning to the levelled paving stone

the sundial is fixed to the top of the plinth, which is placed directly on the paving stone, and the level is again checked

At the exact time of solar noon, the sundial and top of the plinth are rotated till the line of light appears

and a pencil line is drawn on the paving stone - this is the true medidian (north-south) line

The bottom section of the plinth is then placed on the paving stone, lined up accurately with the pencil line, and cemented into position.

Then the middle section of the pointh is placed in position and cemented in

and finally the top section similarly

and then the sundial is permanently fixed

and looks as if it has always been there